Aquitaine Traduction and Wine

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Partner to the wine industry

Aquitaine traduction translation

A major part of Aquitaine Traduction's activity revolves around the many different aspects of the wine business: vine nurseries, grape harvesting machines, coopers, oenology research, winemaking products and, of course, a myriad of wine estates...

Based in Bordeaux, it is hardly surprising that Aquitaine Traduction has acquired true expertise in this specialised field. The company is proud to provide translations in several languages for some of the most prestigious wine producers in France, including three first growths! Our clients are also located in Burgundy, Cognac, Champagne, Cahors, and the Rhone Valley.

True expertise

Aquitaine traduction translation

Describing wines and the techniques used to produce them unquestionably necessitates specialised knowledge. And this translation expertise must also be backed up by a passion for fine wine, without which the words would ring hollow... For instance, even a brilliant person with tremendous language skills cannot aptly translate ten pages of tasting notes without a great deal of experience. Nor describe the subtleties of viticulture and winemaking.

Based in Bordeaux, Aquitaine Traduction supplies translations in a dozen languages to an impressive portfolio of customers (see list). Each translator has specific experience in the field of wine, which explains why we have retained the trust of the wine trade in Bordeaux and elsewhere for many years. The same is true of institutions such as the CIVB, the Union des Grands Crus, and the Faculty of Oenology, as well as the Bureau National Interprofessionnel du Cognac.

China has become the number one export market in volume and value for Bordeaux wines. Consequently, Aquitaine Traduction works with a team of several locally-based Chinese translators who are well-versed in wine vocabulary and the realities of winemaking. They form a precious bridge between the two cultures.

The right choice

As suppliers of some of the most prestigious estates in France, including three first growth châteaux, Aquitaine Traduction is the ideal partner for the wine and Cognac industries.

From : The Wine and Spirits Education Trust
"Aquitaine Traduction conducted the translation in an extremely professional manner, demonstrating a tenacious emphasis on quality and minute attention to detail. The content was thoroughly researched and errors in the original text were brought to our attention"